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Quickest Audio Transcription

We are the the best audio transcription company for quick audio to text transcription. We understand that our customers value a fast turnaround time for their audio transcription needs. Although times may vary based on order size, we can typically return an audio transcription in 36 hours if the audio is under 1 hour in length and does not contain distorted sound. Just because we offer the quickest audio to text transcription service on the market doesn't mean our accuracy suffers. We review each audio transcription to ensure proper grammar and readability. We have transcribers standing by 24/7, 365 days a year to work on your audio transcription needs. After each audio transcription has been completed, we send it through a senior level transcriber for review. If you receive your transcription with a number of errors, all we ask is that you let us know so we can fix the audio transcription issues free of cost. When it comes to choosing an audio transcriptoin service, look no further, transcriberly.com provides the cheapest audio transcription service with the best turn around time and a 98% accuracy rating. Transcriberly.com also offers video transcription services. We aim to be the best at not only audio transcription, but video transcription as well.

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Cheapest Audio Transcription

We provide affordable and accurate audio transcription as well as video transcription at a decent price. Unlike our competitors, we are one of the cheapest audio transcription companies online. We take video or audio files and transcribe them accurately and quickly for your satisfaction. Our highly trained team of experienced audio transcription specialist will complete your project accuretaly and quickly. Our quality control team is comprised of numerous senior transcriptionist who edit and review the audio transcriptions of our junior transcribers. This extra level of review allows us to return the most accurate transcriptions to our customers. Cheap audio transcription is our middle name. Affordable audio transcription services is our last. We understand that times can be tough. That is why we are revolutionizing the audio transcription service industry. At only $0.70/Min for audio transcription, we can offer all the amentities our competitors have for a fraction of the price. Time stamp and verbatim options are available for speech to text, voice to text, or audio text for only $0.15/Min each. Other companies charge $1.00 for one minute of audio transcription alone. Save yourself, your company, and your wallet and let us do the heavy lifting.

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Most Accurate Audio Transcription

We offer a 98% accuracy rate for our human audio to text transcription. With a discount on transcription services compared to our competitors, our transcribers are still able to achieve 98% accuracy for speech to text, video transcriptions, interview transcriptions, medical transcriptions, and much more. Our competitors will try to charge you mountains of money to achieve this. We work closely with our customers to make sure their audio to text needs are met. We hold a high standard of audio transcription and only hire the best of the best. Worried about grammar? We review each audio to text transcription for proper grammar before we give it back to make sure we didn't miss anything. Automatic machine transcription is only $0.12 per audio minute and the turnaround time is blazing fast. Get your machine transcription back within 24 hours (often time within 2 hours). We strive to the be the quickest transcription company on the market without letting our accuracy suffer or our price be outrageous. Our transcribers can type upwards of 100 words per minute with limited spelling errors. All we ask is that you give us a try for your audio transcription service needs. If your not satisfied, we will refund your purchase.

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We offer human audio transcription starting at $0.70 per audio minute. Timestamps and verabatim options are an extra $0.15 per audio minute each. We also offer automatic audio to text transcription for $0.12 per minute of audio. Almost instant turn around time.

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