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How it works

Price $0.70 per minute of audio or video
# of speakers Unlimited
File Types MP3, WAV, MOV, AVI, MP4
Length of Audio Unlimited
Output Microsoft Word (.docx)
Accuracy 98% or better
Turnaround 48 Hours
Options Timestamps every two minutes - $0.15 / min
Verbatim transcription - $0.15 / min

Enterprise Accounts

Are you or your company in need of continuous audio transcription services? Do you have special orders that require dedicated attention for speech to text, voice to text, or audio to text? Transcriberly can create a business account for you so you can spend time on business matters rather than audio to text transcription services. Contact Us to find out more.


We keep all client information confidential when doing audio to text transcription services.


Get a dedicated support manager for your audio transcription services to manage your account.

Shared Account

Anyone from your company can access your audio transcription account and create orders without supplying a payment method.


Recieve a monthly invoice via email for your audio transcriptions.


Transcriberly charges $0.70 per minute of audio. For example, a 40 minute clip costs $28.00. Verbatim and timestamps are options that cost $0.15 per minute each. There is no sales tax and no additional charge for extra speakers. Automatic machine transcription is available for $0.12 per minute.
Audio files that are less that 60 minutes in length and have good quality are typically delivered within 36 hours, often much faster. For larger recordings or poor audio quality, it may take longer. Want to get an estimate on how long your transcription will take? Contact Us
We transcribe multiple speaker files for the same price of $0.70 per minute. We indicate when "speaker 1" or "speaker 2" is speaking where possible.
We provide timestamps in 2 minute intervals starting at [00:00] for an additional $0.15 per minute. Timestamps are placed directly within the text at the moment they occur.
We provide verbatim transcription for an additional $0.15 per minute. The default transcript will edit out filler words such as "uhh" and "umm". This make it easier for our clients to read. You may select the verbatim option upon checkout.
We accept audio and video recordings in the following formats: MP4, MP3, WAV, M4A, DSS, AVI, and WMV. We do not accept physical devices such as SD cards, CDs or tapes. If you have a different file format than what is listed here, please contact us
All transcripts are delivered as Microsoft Word documents unless it is a machine transcription. All machine transcriptions are returned as text files.
We never store your credit card info, we pass it on to our bank for safe storing. Your privacy is important to us. We will never share your files or personal information with anyone outside of Transcriberly. If you would like one of your files deleted, just let us know and we will take care of it.
You can always view the progress of your order by logging into your account. Typical turn around time is 36 hours, but may be longer depending on the size of the file, the number of speakers, if the speaker has an accent, or quality is low.
We work closely with our clients to ensure all mistakes are taken care of. Also, using Microsoft Word documents allows you to make changes quickly. If you have found multiple mistakes in your transcription that require our attention. Please contact us

Machine Transcription

Transcriberly offers machine transcription that automatically converts audio to text for only $0.12 per minute of audio. This is the cheapest audio to text price on the market. Often times, the automatic speech to text app machine can produce up to 95% accuracy.

Human Transcription

Transcriberly offers human transcription that converts voice to text, speech to text, or plain audio to text for only $0.70 per minute of audio. We are the cheapest audio to text price on the market. We offer the quickest voice to text times out of all of our competitors and with a 98% accuracy rate for audo transcription. Its easy to get started, just create a free account and upload your first document for audio transcription.

Referral Program offers referal programs that pay between 10% and 15% of the sales prices. Contact support for more info.


"Affortable and Fast. This service is cheap at only $0.70 per minute. I sent in an hour of audio and got it back within 35 hours. They are willing to work on any issues with the transcription if needed. I was able to get 97.8% accuracy from them."

Chad Johnston

What we transcribe

Medical can transcribe any type of medical transcription, medical dictation, audio, speech, or notes. If you have a specific template you want used, just send us an email and we will be happy to use it.

Business can transcribe all business accounts whether it be an interview transcription, conference call, or presentation. We can supply time stamps if needed and will work closely with you to guarantee your success.

Legal has dozens of former, current, and future court reporters, legal assistants and paralegals on hand to transcribe your legal transcription.


Transcriberly also provides services for interview transcriptions, lectures, thesis notes, dissertation notes, and much more. We have hundreds of transcribers that work in this area and are willing to help you earn the grade, certificate, or award you deserve.

Become a transcriptionist

Interested in becoming a transcriptionist for Transcriberly? Work for the best transcription company alive. Contact us to learn more.